Miss Terry Dean founded The Ballet Centre in 1985 in order to teach Dance and in particular Classical Ballet to children of all nationalities. The Ballet Centre due to Terry’s dedication and hard work was an immediate success.

Terry went on to introduce the Musical Youth Theatre incorporating acting, singing, dance, and all other aspects of the musical theatre a few years later, which produces an annual charity show.

The Ballet Centre grew annually from strength to strength offering an increasing variety of classes and facilities to both children and adults.

The Ballet Centre is located in the heart of Jumeirah, and consists of two villas that have a total of Seven DANCE STUDIOS each with WOODEN SPRUNG FLOORS, THREE MUSIC ROOMS, and activity rooms. The Ballet Centre also houses its’ own COFFEE SHOP and a SHOP which stocks an extensive range of dance wear and dance related gifts.

The Ballet Centre has a Branch in Motor City.

Sadly Terry died in 2000 and her mother Mrs. Kathleen Dean is now the principal at the Ballet Centre. The Ballet Centre has expanded year on year and the staff has grown to a team with 35 dedicated full and part time members.

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